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Question: What is the best way to get more heat from my fireplace?

Answer: We hear this question every day at Royal Chimney. The answer in most instances hands down is a Fireplace Insert. The biggest choice is between the fuel type, gas, wood or electric.

Wood- Offers the best energy independence off the grid and the best energy incentives with up to a $2,000 tax credit on 75% thermal efficiency ratings for biomass (wood) hearth appliances. Independence of energy prices and no added carbon dioxide to the ozone layer.

Gas- Offers the convenience of gas heat with the click of a remote control and not left stranded if something happens to the electric grid. The burner controls are regulated by a battery backup millivolt system to keep the home warm during a power outage.

Electric- Offers the choice of not burning bio or fossil fuels with realistic flame patterns using state of the art technology.

We have anticipated the demand for fireplace inserts and have a good supply in our warehouse for the 2023 winter season. Ask about our in-house specials on top of your $2,000 tax credit!

Our show room has ten models on display along with 5 burning fireplace inserts. Showroom appointments are recommended to have a Certified technician available to answer all of your questions to help you make your decision to burn wisely into the future.

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